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We've Got to Start Talking About Money

You May Be More Financially Secure than This Successful Author, Script Writer -  Who Can Never, Ever, Stop Working This Atlantic Magazine stor y , the Secret Shame of Many Middle Americans, outlines the story of a prosperous looking author and script writer, who can't find $400 to cover an emergency and will have to work the rest of his life to cover his debts.   It's also about the shame and realities embedded in our US middle class money mess.  As the author pointed out --   50% of Americans, can never stop working.      Neal Gabler isn't homeless, or a casino gambler or a criminal.  His life looks like a dream come true.   Gabler has written and published books.  Gabler has been paid to critique movies on television. He is a great Dad with successful children.  A great husband.  He is so well-known in his industry that he was paid to write a movie script.  His reality-money-show reveals a different backstory, though.   Because he made a series of unders