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Friday, March 27, 2015

Financial Freedom: The Best Frugal Tips Starting with Coffee

Maybe it's because I live in South Louisiana.  This part of the country drips with warm weather, great food, free music festivals and other creative talents shared with all.   

And we share some of the same "frugal, squeeze the best juice of every moment" lifestyle habits as the Europeans.   

You don't have to live in Louisiana or Europe to recreate these same delightful daily experiences!   

Take  coffee.   It's a $4-6 per day habit.  Some say cut it out of your budget, it's a waste.   I say that's ridiculous.   In fact,  I propose that you cut something else out of the budget just to keep coffee in! 

Why?  1) It has been proven to be good for your health (and this is from the people and research at Harvard, mon ami).  2)  It's one of the best inexpensive ways to add a frugal juiciness to every day of your life. 

The Belgians love coffee so much that they serve chocolate with every cup -- free of charge.  It's a visual AND a gastronomical treat.    If you want to immerse yourself in the Belgian way, check out this blogger's post  about the Belgian café society.     "Drinking good coffee is a spiritual experience..."    Just reading the post made me happy! 

Other ways I like to enhance my  daily coffee: 

1)  Using a French press when you have time.  This is a photo of mine.  Nope, I don't make any money from Mr. Coffee recommending this French press!  I started with a Bodum, but I like my Mr. Coffee better.    Here is a nice visual tutorial if you are interested. 

2)  Try to limit drinking out of a paper cup.  Enjoy the ceramic or china in your life.  

3)  I try to buy coffee at the .50 cents per pound limit.  Frugal also means practical, of course.  I make sure to save my pennies so I can buy the best. 

Sometimes Tuesday Morning has a deal on European coffees pre-ground that are around $6.00 for 12 ounces.  Trader Joe's coffee is also about .50 per pound.  Community Coffee is one of my favorites, of course, and you can often get a coupon code for it from Retail Me Not
Coffee at Luke's

4)  Or sometimes I just  go to Luke on St. Charles in New Orleans.   Chef John Besh's casual brassiere dining pub has some of the best coffee service at the bar.   An inexpensive way to really enjoy the city.   How do you take your coffee?  Au Lait?  Or black?