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25 years ago I was afraid I couldn't pay the rent. Before the stock market ever crashed, before it was cool to buy TIPS, way before anyone dreamed of living without their credit cards, I became addicted to personal finance information; websites, books, blogs, theories, gurus. A lot of what I've picked up along the way has helped me become debt free (no credit card debt, no mortage, no car loans). Now I'm a single Mom with a stinky liberal arts degree who has helped her daughter go to the college of her dreams (Baby Coco has only $5,000 in student loans after 2.5 years at a sub-ivy costing $45,000 grand a year). Most of what I tried works really well...and if it doesn't, I spit on it and toss it out. "The trick is to live a little beneath your means...because it's does grow more money..." I forget where I found that quote, but it's pinned to my bulletin board in my kitchen. is my most recent find - I can see how all of my accounts