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Saturday, November 29, 2008

25 years ago I was afraid I couldn't pay the rent. Before the stock market ever crashed, before it was cool to buy TIPS, way before anyone dreamed of living without their credit cards, I became addicted to personal finance information; websites, books, blogs, theories, gurus. A lot of what I've picked up along the way has helped me become debt free (no credit card debt, no mortage, no car loans).

Now I'm a single Mom with a stinky liberal arts degree who has helped her daughter go to the college of her dreams (Baby Coco has only $5,000 in student loans after 2.5 years at a sub-ivy costing $45,000 grand a year). Most of what I tried works really well...and if it doesn't, I spit on it and toss it out.

"The trick is to live a little beneath your means...because it's does grow more money..."

I forget where I found that quote, but it's pinned to my bulletin board in my kitchen. is my most recent find - I can see how all of my accounts are doing, and it's really, really simple with almost automatic updating. So far, net worth is still in the low six figures. Ten years to half-a-million? Can I do it? Can you?
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