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My twittering friend, Jose Castillo, just emailed me with info on savvy shopper, a new applications that takes uploaded photo of product UPC then searches the net for the lowest price available. Maybe this is what Quicken is using for it's 2009 update -- Quicken will auto send you info on savings on products that you by a lot. I haven't tested it yet. Has anyone tested this? Please comment if you have!

Bounty Paper Towels and the Target Gift Card

Bounty Paper Towels pricing policy is annoying. I love their paper towels, but it's getting hard to figure out the best value for the towel. It's a game with the manufacturer that I'm determined to figure out. Is it the mega roll? The giant roll? The super roll? Or is it the basic that you are buying? If so, how much per roll is enough? And when is it a deal? To make it easier, I did some research on pricing when I could, use "sheets" as the common denominator for comparisons and found the purchase strike point in November 2008 of: $0.009 per sheet at Sam's Paper Towels, Bounty, 12 mega rolls, 160 sheets/roll $18.12 total I could just go back and get another 12 mega roll box from Sam's, but Target has upped the interest these days. Their flyer shows a $9.99 per 8 pack of giant rolls PLUS a combo purchase of other Proctor & Gamble items will snare you a Free $5 target gift card! Sweet.... But is it really a deal? If the sheet count holds true, in the