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The Lending Club Wins an Award

I received an email yesterday from Lending Club. They've won an award that's pretty prestigious. But award-giving can be an inside job, I'm old enough to be skeptical. In the meantime, my returns are above 8% on simple loans.* That's a great thing! Here's a clip from the e-mail... "....In addition, if you have not seen it already, I am delighted to share that The Harvard Business Review named Lending Club one of the top 20 Breakthrough Business Ideas of 2009: " It's an interesting turn around since I read on the Lazy Man and Money Personal Finance Blog about how the Lending Club hit a bump or two along the road to fame. But it seems to have righted itself quite well! BTW, I do not receive any kind of monetary reimbursement from The Lending Club besides the interest that I earn! You can, however...if you email me, I'll send you an email link to open an account. Since I