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3 easy-to-avoid vacation expense bloopers that can save you hundreds.

     Or How My "Free" European Travel Vacation Really Cost $2,500 When I started saving money for my 8-day European dream vacation, my biggest focus was on earning enough Delta Frequent Flyer Skymiles to get a free round trip ticket. 75,000 miles gets you a free round trip to the European continent.  That’s the most expensive part of the tab, right? (Hint: yes, it usually is the biggest single ticket item in a trip to Europe, but other items add up quickly) Hotel rooms are high too, but I have a relative in one country who was willing to put me up for a few nights before I headed out for my real dream destination: Florence and Venice Italy! So how expensive could the whole trip be? I got back from my vacation yesterday and added up $2,500 in vacation expenses. Gulp. After careful review, I realized that some of the biggest expenses were due to my ignorance about travel in Europe and could have been avoided: 1) I didn’t realize how expensive Eurail passes could be. If you