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Financial Freedom: the Marie Kondo Life Changing Magic Way. But Watch Out for Those Emotional Barriers

From 2600 square feet (2010) to 1500 in 2010.      From 1500 square feet to   697 square feet in 2014.    I’ve cut my living space and stuff by 66% in the last five years and never felt freer or happier.   But each time I scaled down, I had to step over and toss out more than unused clutter – I had to face the accompanying fears and bogeymen haunting my psyche.   The T op 3 F ears : Wh at if all my stuff fit in the new space?  W ould I end up embarrassed, with furniture or boxes of ( fill in the blank) at the doorway , left by the movers who couldn't fit it into the new place?     If I have to get rid of it -- h ow will I manage without it?   (i.e., )   Could I really live without a (fill in the blank ? )   Wouldn't I be spending more money to replace the stuff I tossed ?  Because obviou sly I would not be able to live with out. Reality Check:    The on ly things I ever gave away to movers becau se they wouldn't fit in my new spac e: A