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Money Screw Ups: And the Frugal Living Lessons that Will Save You - 1

2015 was quite a money ride.  Some of the progress toward financial freedom made following my own frugal living tips (outlined in this post " Can I make it on $3k per month?"   got tossed overboard.      Cushion the Body Blow with Frugal Living   I can recover because my frugal living ways helped me saved.  That and the personal finance software addiction and fascination with minimalism and aggressive downsizing .  But my pride and confidence hit the surf and it felt like I slammed into concrete.   Worse, it may have derailed complete financial freedom by a year or more.   And some of it I could have avoided by listening to those much wiser than myself.      Surfing Lessons From the Sages 1.  Retirement really is a psychological journey and you might want to prepare for that. The first time I retired was about 15 months ago.   As the retirement sages on  said might happen,  I experienced a sudden depression.