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Hitting Your "Number." Top Three (Free) Tips for Anyone in Life's Dumpster Fire Still Striving to Hit Their Number.

Five years in one sentence:  A catastrophic flood, three hurricanes, two moves, a condo sale, a home purchase, a dream job assignment come true out of the blue, an engagement, a once in a lifetime freeze in the tropics, a parents' death, my first grandbaby, and a pandemic.  No wonder I didn't post any blog updates.    But I've graduated from work-life again!  And I hit my number with a big safety margin this time.   So what were the top three things I did, free of charge, that helped me survive those swings?   #1)  LBYM . Living Below Your Means gives you a McGyver tool kit of skills to survive financially, no matter what.   If you don't know where to start just look at how much you spent over the last three months. Was there more income than outgo?  If so, that's great!   Because that "spread" is how much you truly earned in the quarter.   Let me repeat it -- if you spent $1,000 less last quarter, then that's the increase in your Net Worth.  Your Ass