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Maybe you have too many school loans?  Or you bought a house and the value fell plummeted and now you are stuck underwater.

I hear from friends who are deep in credit card debt because they just didn't know how to stop charging the groceries, and the kids really did need new shoes.    Or maybe you are like me -- a terrible health event in the life of a loved one cost you dearly in more ways than one. 

There is a Way Out:  It doesn't matter the reason that you are struggling with your money situation, there is hope. Even though it is very, very important, it is only just money.   And following my blog and my journey will show you that your current situation is just a few steps from turning around.

If I Can Do It, You Can Do It Too:  I'm a liberal arts graduate from a mediocre state school.   My husband died suddenly when I was 41 with no will and no insurance. In my state that means that my stepchildren and my child inherited half of everything left, which only included a way-too-big older home that was still heavily mortgaged.    And the kids didn't have to make the mortgage or the repairs - that fell on me.   When I figured my total net worth at the age of 42, it was about $50,000.  All I had accumulated in a lifetime.  Gulp. 

From $50K to $800K, 15 Years Flat, All On My Own:   But I dug out of next-to-nothing net worth to about $400K in cash and two pensions I could be tapping into that amount to a current net worth of about $800K in just 15 years.  I didn't ever make $100,000 in any of that time.  I didn't remarry and no one gave me a lump sum of anything.  I did it by living a frugal juicy-enough life style, educating myself, learning the psychology of money and why I acted certain ways (and how to change that - while still having fun).   If this liberal arts graduate can do it, so can you.    It Feels GREAT!   I'm here to show you how.

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