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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Craigs List Sold the Pool Table - once I avoided the "$2,300 profit" scam

John and his girlfriend are Teach for America teachers who must troll Craig's List for deals. They called about the pool table and picked it up last week. Somebody else had also showed up to purchase it, but I promised to hold it for John. He arrived right on time with his pick-up, so it sold within 72 hours of listing. I pocketed $150 in cash and they got a great deal on a table, sticks, wall mount for sticks, etc. John did have to help dissassemble the table - with help from my friend Errol, but hey, it's a great deal!

At the same time that I was emailing John and his girlfriend, I got a "scam" email from someone claiming to want to send me a check for $2300 for the pool table, which only cost $150! I figured this was some crazy Nigerian banking copy-cat scam, so I played along, and gave the ebay guy an address to mail the check too (which would then be followed by a different address where he could send a shipping service to pick up the table).

My friends laughed about this one for a week. Until today, when the check came in via UPS. $2300. CRAZY!!! Moving, etc. is just CRAZY!

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