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Monday, July 21, 2008

Garage Sale

I made $250 on my garage sale on Saturday. Minus the $14.40 in newspaper ad fees and the $12.00 in supplies, I did pretty well. Met my goal, in any case, which was to give stuff to people who want it, so that I don't have to move it or carry it away to Goodwill.

If you'd rather donate your stuff to Goodwill, or Volunteers of America, or any other charity, instead of watching strangers reject your stuff, or worse yet, haggle over it, it's doable... (I can't believe you let your children play with this precious heirloom jewelry! How could you! I'll give you .50 for each earring!) It's simple to deduct it. Here's a good guide for how to organize that process for tax deduction purposes.

Turbo Tax will not only help you organize your charitable giving by item, the "It's Deductible" feature lets you figure out how much to take off for each item.

Good luck!

P.S. - what sells? Tools, small furniture items, housewares, plastic bins, yard implements, Karoake machines, small vaccuum cleaners. Not old rugs or ladders. Go figure..

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