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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A co-worker intrigued by personal budgeting and software ran into my office this afternoon. "Can you believe it? I heard about on NPR yesterday! And you were just talking about it...isn't that weird?"

Maybe. Maybe not. If is an accurate gauge of salaries, then most of us who are employed by others are making between $40,000 and $80,000 a year. Try saving enough to pay for a house, put children through private school, and then into college, fund a retirement plan (again!), pay for a car, pay for school loans...well, you get my drift.

A LOT of us are using personal budgeting software and most of us have finite resources, even the Millionaire Next Door has to do some planning. (Okay, so it's mostly around taxes, but that kind of planning counts too...) is an awesome free resource for aggregating all of your accounts into one overview. The first time I really understood my net worth was when I began using the full functionality of about a year ago. There are glitches with auto-updates at times, and once I had to go through set up again with an account or two, but usually it's a smooth working beauty.

You won't find tax tools, cash flow analyses, or any of the super analytical high end programs. But you will get a nice monthly budgeting overview, along with the account aggregator.

Definitely give 5 thumbs up to

If you have experiences with the program, please feel free to comment!

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