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Friday, September 18, 2009

Jackson Hewitt Tax Lessons

Courses began this week and I'm impressed with the workbooks and other training materials.  I'm usually an A-B student, and I'm getting Cs on their asessments though.  Some of the test wording isn't logical.  But all you have to do is get a 70% to pass.  And you can retake the assessments several times.  Each time I retake an assessment, I do better.

Important tip from tonight's class -- You only have to keep your returns for 3 years.  But if you need to correct your income records with Social Security, you will need all of your w-2s, 1099s and any other form that shows money coming into your household.    I shredded all my returns that were more than 10 years old, and the w-2s went with them.  Too bad, wish I had known this before.  Maybe I'll learn where I can get a copy of old w-2s in the next class!

(disclaimer -- this isn't tax advice, please just use it as a reference to investigate further via the irs website or other irs sources!)

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