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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Transferring Roth to TIAA-Cref

If you want to get more bang out of your Roth IRA buck and add to your retirement money investment options, you might want to check out transferring your money to a TIAA-Cref Retirement Fund

ING Direct was only paying me 1% or so of interest on my Roth IRAs and I didn't have options like Treasury Inflation Protected Funds (TIPS) or Index Funds in my 403 B, so I checked out TIAA-Cref.  Its reputation is stellar and it's a non-profit organization that servers other non-profits like schools and hospitals.  Nice to know their movitation considering what's happening with the greedy-guts on Wall Street.

It was a tiny pain to transfer the funds (took about 2 weeks to make sure the paperwork and money changed hands so I wouldn't have to pay taxes or penalities).  But the guys on the phone really helped and I'm happy with my returns already.  Next step is to transfer the funds out of AIG-VALIC.  It's only a few grand, but I don't want anything to do with that company.  No bonuses for me?  Then no bonuses for them!  Not a penny supporting the arrogance of those CEOs.


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