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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Personal Finance Software: Mint versus Quicken rematch or Quicken Personal Finance Software? has been sending me emails again -- very tempting emails that outline my personal finance situation for the past week.  This is a handy summary that hooked me into a long time ago.  Right into your email box comes a note that tells you how much you spent on food last week and points out that your car insurance is too high: with a link to quotes for a cheaper rate.   I love the website interface and frankly, the cool green mint color is so clean and groovy.  A nice distraction from the sometimes mundane world of personal finance management. 

I reeived the email based on a re-try of the software I engaged in a few months ago.    And after linking a ton of accounts to, with great anticipation that this new upgrade of the software would make the big green Mint finally work for me, I gave up and threw in the towel.  I STILL can't get my ING Direct accounts to load into the program.  Really?  Seriously?  With nine different ING accounts that are critically important to my savings and cash flow management system, it just didn't make sense to try again.

By using Quicken and combining it with Neobudget (for micro-cash management a la the classic envelope method), I've got the full suite.  Sorry Mint.  Keep those upgrades coming and those email reminders coming, though.  I suspect the fine folks in the IT department will have this solved soon.

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