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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tax Info 2013 Made SoMe Easy from IRS

Love the new IRS Tumblr blog

Maybe it's because the IRS headquarters is in Austin, TX, home of the the SXSW digital media and music festival and thousands of young tech savvy workers?  All I know is that the IRS is now using social media to deliver easy-to-digest filing information beyond just, and it worked for me -- so I know you will probably find it to be simple and useful as well. 

For example, I found out that I can e-file taxes for free, even if I make more than $57,000 -- just by watching a minute and a half video!

And a graphic on the Tumblr blog links you directly to a site that gives you an online application to order historical tax information necessary for your federal student aid application (FAFSA).   It only took 3 minutes for me to   read, digest, follow and order.  Wish I'd had access to that when I was filling out my daughter's FAFSA forms (i.e., spending a Saturday in paperwork misery justified by motherly love).

Lost your W-2?  Or didn't get one?  There's a quick video on the blog on that as well.

Definitely good news from the government - glad to see my tax dollars at work in Social Media! 

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