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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

5 More Reasons to Escape the Corporate Cube & How - Money In Real Life Stories


6.  You want to be (a little) like Sofia Varga.   

You know, "Gloria" from TV's Modern Family.  In real life she's savvy, hip, wise, and quietly building her own media empire.   Latinas are dropping out of Corporate America and cutting their own paths to financial AND emotional well-being. 

7. You Can Exit the Party Slowly, and Take a Few Cookies With You.   

There is still something to be gained out of your current Corporate Cube Job.  Contacts in the next cube are your potential clients, future collaborators or even your investors. 
  • You are still learning. Money In Real Life (MIRL) Story:  For example, my partner became an seven figure entrepreneur after spending a few years as a CPA.  He learned from every client – what to do, what is realistic, what things cost, how taxes worked.  This knowledge was invaluable for his future as a business owner and real-estate developer.
  • That Guy In IT probably has a side-hustle too and can help you when you need IT expertise and don't have a whole department to call on.

8.  You Won’t Be Alone. 

Once you really step out into your own business, bravely brandishing the grand idea and a plan, you may be pleasantly surprised by the support and applause.   You can connect with mentors that wouldn’t have given you the time of day before.  (Nicely put in this LifeHacker article.)      

MIRL story:  When I interviewed other entrepreneurs and told them what I was doing, their faces just beamed.  From the Pilates studio owner to the small ad agency founder – they patted me on the back and said “congratulations, you figured out how great this is – welcome to the club!”   

9.  You Hate Your Job and Want to Run Away. 

With all due respect to Susan Payton at Forbes, there isn’t any bad motivation for starting your own paying gig.  She writes that running away from your job isn’t a good enough reason to try a side-hustle and begin to build a business plan.  
Why not Susan?   Okay, it’s not the best reason.  Sure, putting down $100K on a franchise before you’ve done your homework is bad for anyone, no matter what the motivation.   But  if wanting to run away from your job just gets you motivated to start researching, learning about other businesses, talking to people about what they will buy, observing the market – how is that bad?  Knowledge is power and emotion is a driver.  Use that emotion to drive you forward in baby steps out of the cube, it’s the most powerful change agent you have.  

10.  Focus & Self-Esteem Builder


If you are looking for a path toward self-growth, and are tired of reading about self-esteem in psychological books, or reaching for it through possessions (NO!) or girlfriends/boyfriends (Please NO!), try owning your own business.    Every step you take toward learning something, every new client, every challenge conquered – is exercising your ability to focus and building your self-esteem.  No one can take those experiences, successes and even failures away from who you will become.   (MIRL Story – I’m still learning, and even learned more from writing this post!) 

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