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Monday, March 14, 2022

Jackson Hewitt Tax School Review Work From Home

Is Jackson Hewitt worth working for? 

During the last big scary stock dip (2008-2009), I took on a side hustle and became a tax-preparer by going to Jackson Hewitt Tax School.  They trained me and hired me.  The original post about that process is linked below.   If I can do it, so can you -- I'm a math-phobe from way back. The only cost I incurred was for the books ($99).  

If you are looking for a side hustle that is seasonal, with work-from-home potential, this might be perfect for you.  

Not only do you help people, but you also earn extra cash, and keep up with all the latest in the tax code.  H&R Block also has a tax school and they also train and hire part-time tax preparers

The pay from the local Jackson-Hewitt Tax office in 2010 was only $7.50 an hour.  Remote work wasn't even contemplated, so I was in a retail office for a few hours every weekend, which was really unpleasant.  

After I completed one season of work, I didn't go back because I made more managing my taxes differently than I did actually preparing taxes by the hour for others.  The learning was invaluable.  If I had made more per hour and kept up the training, I probably would have switched to H&R Block.  

Tax Preparer Side Hustle

Now that so many returns are completed online, I can imagine the experience with either of these tax prep shops would be much better.  I never worked in a Wal-Mark kiosk for Jackson Hewitt, but always feel bad for those employees who do. 

Now if you like numbers and want to work remotely? There is enough training, support, and software at either of these companies to make it your while.  

If you have worked remotely to do tax preparation, please share your experience in the comments!  

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