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Monday, July 7, 2008

2nd Step - Creating a Base

The same address, the same house, for 10 years. That could go away in just a month. Or I could end up at a closing meeting, where everything falls through on August 1st, and not move at all.

I need a stable base - an address I can count on!

So I'm going to go to the post office this week and rent a P.O. Box. And I'm going to start the mail forwarding process to that P.O. Box. Whether I move August 1st, or put the house back on the market to move September 1st, October 1st, ... it doesn't matter. I'm still on my way to somewhere different. And in the meantime, I've got a place that I can count on to receive my important documents, regardless.

Whew. UPS has a mailbox for me, that even looks like a street address, not a post office box. I'll have to check on prices for that next week too, and report back.

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