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Monday, July 7, 2008

Apartment Hunting

I'm 0 for 0...

I spent the weekend looking at two apartments for rent in the Condominium complex close to the college campus.

  • The owner has decided to sell, and she's decided that if I can't come in with full cash $140,000 next week, then she'll just sell the apartment to the Home Owner's Association. She also said something like "if you have cash, then we don't have to have an inspection...". Is she thinking I wouldn't want one??? Yikes. This sounds like sour grapes, but I'm thinking I don't want to rent OR buy from this lady.

  • I was on the waiting list for another apartment in the same complex, 2 story, much better location. The owner kept telling me, "I'll show it to you as soon as the current renter gets from vacation after July 4th..." I called and asked to go ahead and set up an appointment NOW. I was reassured that I would be called, he had all my numbers...and I never heard back, and the For Rent sign is gone. What a creep. He could have just told me it was already rented.

Spent some time on in the "Apartment Hunting Tips" section, and realized I'm probably the only one going Apartment Hunting game without a

1) super-bowl level game plan for winning AND

2) check book, credit references, paystub and resume in hand.

As a final kick in the gut -- I had two bites on the pool table and both fell through.

I've got to find my competitive instincts again -- it's been 11 years, and I'm off my game. The anxiety is starting to get to me. Time to hit one of the hypnosis tapes!

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