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Sunday, July 6, 2008

First Steps in Downsizing

What the financial gurus don't tell you about downsizing...

  • 1) It's easy to getting sucked into an emotional tail spin while moving, signing closing papers, etc., which could affect my judgement leading to....

    2) Wasting money on items I don't foresee, but crop up as emergencies.

    3) Pretending that there won't be any emergencies!

    4) Panicking and renting a place that is too expensive, wiping out my gains and making me wonder -- what did I go through all this crap for? To live in less of a house, in a neighborhood I don't like, for exactly the same expense? Could be VERY depressing.

    5) All of which would imperil my job performance, relationships with friends and my daughter, my mental health...YUK.

    Keep reading this blog to find out how anyone downsizing can overcome these issues. Have you downsized recently and have tips? Please post and share in the comments box.

A psychologist reminds us here that downsizing, and moving, are expected to be stressful. "Of course you will feel like this!" is the mantra here...

A way to avoid major losses of furniture, etc., in the move here:;=172

Here's a way to reduce your emotional stress, with hypnosis relaxation tapes,

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