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Monday, January 11, 2010

New online PearBudget Makes Money Management Easy

JD Roth's Blog "Get Rich Slowly" is a constant source of fantastic money resources for English Majors.  Information on his blog inspired me to try the new online PearBudget money management software.  I have no idea what the Pear is all about, but the online version is the easiest envelope budgeting system I've ever used, and I've tried the top three or four.   They call it "really simple budgeting" and it's true.

With PearBudget, you have one category of expenses that are the same every month.  That group is separated from the expenses that you really can't predict, but can try to "set aside" a certain amount each month to be ready for them.  This is the trickiest part of monthly money management, in my opinion, and causes a lot of people to throw up their hands and just give up!  Don't do it...this problem can be solved

For example, you might use the irregular budget expense category for groceries and for medical.  Maybe you try to set aside $250 for groceries, and $100 or so for medical each month.  If you don't spend all that money in a month, it rolls over to the next month.  Shazam!  You are building a fund for whatever might happen medically (or better yet, you've got money to stock up on groceries for your next party). 

This program is so great -- it even prints out a "Go Card" that you can put in your wallet or purse.   You can adjust the Go Card to only include those categories of items that you tend to spend on while out and about each day.  Groceries, gas, personal care, dining out, entertainment, etc.  For example, when I open my wallet to buy that extra pack of gum at the convenience store -- my Go Card reminds me I only have $3.33 left until the end of the month in that category.  Might want to hold out!

Love, Love, Love this software, I think you will too.  I get no money from recommending it, either.  Just sharing the good news. 

You can try it for a month for free, then pay $3 a month.  I'm still on free trial, not sure if I'll switch over to the pay version.  There is also a free Excel Spreadsheet version that you can download.  Honestly, the online version is so smooth and amazing compared to the excel spreadsheet, I just may pay the $3.00.

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