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Financial Independence

Need inspiration?  Find out more from these blogs posts about how financial independence is within your reach.  

Reasons to Run From the Corporate Cube - all the inspiration you may ever need!

5 More Reasons to Run from the Corporate Cube - just in case the first 5 reasons didn't do it for you, here's even more reasons to escape and encouragement that it is possible.

My Dry Run - How I Escaped the Cube (for a Month) - just $3K a month to spend and I could live independently until I'm 90.  I tested early retirement for a month and I must say, it's AMAZING.

How to Become a MillionaireHow to Become a Millionaire, Great Tips from the Book "The Millionaire Next Door"  - this is the eye-opening moment, when you realize that being financially independent probably doesn't come with a BMW and a 5K square foot McMansion.  Many of those spending above their means are also swimming in debt.  This information will free you from keeping up with "The Jones'"

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  1. I would like to say that this blog really convinced me to do it! Thanks, very good post.